The Social Work Business

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September 2002



With the contemporary transfer of private sector rationality into state services, the distinction between the private and the public sectors has been increasingly difficult to sustain. "The Social Work Business" gives a comprehensive picture of social work in its new guise as a quasi-public enterprise: its origins, its characteristics, its ramifications for the education of social workers and its impact on managers, practitioners, service users, carers and voluntary organizations.


1. Doing the Business 2. Before the Business Era 3. Establishing the Business 4. Running the Business 5. Modernising the Business 6. Learning the Business 7. The Customer Base 8. The Supply Chain 9. Seeing Through the Social Work Business


"Social work is the pre-business era, according to this book, was free to set its own agenda. Then came the neo-liberal policies of the Conservative governments in the 1980s and 1990s -- through community care policies, managerialism, performance indicators and the like. Although the story has been told before, no other book has pursued this makeover -- the complete inversion of social work's aims -- so rigorously and in such detail.."
-Community Care, February 20, 2003
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