Eight Centuries of Troubadours and Trouv Res: The Changing Identity of Medieval Music

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This book traces the changing interpretation of troubadour and trouvere music.


Introduction; 1. The first readers; 2. The changing song; 3. Enlightened readers; 4. The science of translation; 5. Recent readings; 6. Conclusions; 7. Epilogue; Bibliography; Index.


John Haines holds a Canada Research Chair at the University of Toronto, where he teaches at the faculty of Music and the Centre for Medieval Studies. His primary area of research is thirteenth-century monophony and its reception, and he has published related articles in Revue d'Histoire du Theatre, Early Music History and other journals.


"This volume provides an interesting examination of the repertory of troubadour and trouvere music. The author's final conclusions and discussions of modern-day appearances of this repertory are especially enjoyable. Highly recommended." B.L. Eden, University of Nevada, Las Vegas, CHOICE "John Haines' book tackles several large tasks: expounding the historiography of a musical repertoire; dilineating and contextualizing their reception; and illuminating the epistemological pitfalls for the curren scholar who studies them." - Elizabeth Aubrey, University of Iowa
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