The Handbook for Leaders: 24 Lessons for Extraordinary Leadership

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Dezember 2006



Discover your strengths, produce exponential results, and increase the bottom line
Based on solid empirical research, The Handbook for Leaders reveals the keys to becoming an extraordinary leader, showing you how-and why-to focus on your core strengths rather than correcting your weaknesses. This precise, no-nonsense rulebook outlines the essential competencies and guidelines for effective leadership, including:
  • Focus on results
  • Cultivate interpersonal skills
  • Lead organizational change
  • Learn from your mistakes
  • Develop your people
  • Build positive relationships
  • Be open to new ideas
  • Take initiative
  • Fix fatal flaws
  • Take a nonlinear approach
  • Be accountableThe Handbook for Leaders shows you how to develop and implement the proficiencies you need to gain the respect and support of your people, enhance productivity and individual performance, and make an enormous contribution to the long-term success of your organization.

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    John H. Zenger, D.B.A., is CEO ofZenger Folkman, a firm that helps organizationsand individuals improve leadership effectivenessthat, in turn, drives business results. These resultsinclude increasing employee engagement, retention,productivity, and bottom-line profitability. Heis a member of the HRD Hall of Fame and has authoredor coauthored eight books and 50 articles onleadership, productivity, and teams.

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