Double Takes

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Dieser Klassiker in Sachen Investmentweisheiten behandelt auf der Basis von Artikeln des "Professional Investor" und seinen Vorläufern die letzten 40 Jahre im Anlagengeschäft. Die Artikel wurden aufgrund ihrer besonderen Relevanz für das aktuelle Investmentklima ausgewählt und stammen aus der Feder berühmter Persönlichkeiten des Londoner Finanzsektors, wie. z.B. Jim Slater, David Damant, Stephen Satchell, Barry Riley, J.A. Miller und Professor T.A. Lee. Die ausgewählten Beiträge wurden meist zu einem entscheidenden historischen Zeitpunkt verfaßt und enthalten Prognosen, die sich in der Folge entweder als unerwartet korrekt oder als entsetzlich falsch erwiesen haben. Einige davon sind noch heute gültig. "Double Takes" ist eine ebenso informative wie unterhaltsame Lektüre, die Einblick gibt in die sich ändernden Trends der Investmentbranche.


The 1960s
Computers as an aid to investment. (J. G. Blease)
Economic forecasting and investmetn analysis. (J. G. Morrell)
Personal saving and business profit. (Roy Harrod)
Possible worlds. (Richard Stone)
The investment analyst's materials (R.E. Artus)
Taxation, investment, and equities under a labour Government. )A.J. Merrett & Allen Sykes)
Random walks in stock market prices. (Eugene F. Fama)
Security price behaviour. (A.G. Ellinger)
Investment analysis - the need for professionalism. (R.J.Briston)
The value of research into the behaviour of share prices. (R. A. Brealey)
The 1970s
Econometric models and the stockmarket. (R.D. Nightingale & Dr K. Vernon)
Monetary policy, gilts and equities. (A.A. Walters)
The trustees' meeting - a city daydream.( J.M. Brew)
The role of the institutions in the UK ordinary share market. (J.H.C. Leach)
What are earnings, anyway? (J.N. Littlewood)
Should investors be responsible? (Sandra Mason)
Investment pricing in the North Sea. (Paul H. Richards)
The UK stockmarket and the efficient market model - a review. (A. W. Henfrey, B. Albrech & P. Richards )
The 1980s
The wrongs of rights. (Barry Riley)
The wrongs of rights - a reply. (S. P. Keef)
The current and future role of stockbroker. (George J. J. Dennis)
The UK economy in the declining oil years. (Gavyn Davies)
The missing link. (J.A. Miller)
Macroeconomic forecasting models and investment analysis: a review. (Paul Stonham)
Investor protection and the advertising practices of share tipsters. (Simon M. Kean)
Group accounting, funds statements and cash flow analysis. (T.A. Lee)
Why most equities always appear cheap. (Peter Thompson)
The 1990s
Volatility and the big bang factor. (Peter Pope, David Peel and Pradeep Yadav)
Goodwill to all men? (Alan Sugden and Geoffrey Holmes)
Economic policy. (Wynne Godley)
The money-go-round. (Tim Congdon/ Alan Sugden)
The rewards of virtue? (Russell Sparkes)
Adjusting to uncertainty. (Daniel Broby)
Buying growth shares using value filters. (Jim Slater)
Asset allocation: too important to be left to money managers. (Stuart Fowler)
Intellectual property. (Shonaig Macpherson)
Underestimated and undervalued. (John Newlands)
Brands and the balance sheet. (Jonathan Knowles)


JOHN GOODCHILD is Joint Editor of Professional Investor and has contributed articles on investment theory and practice to numerous magazines. He co-edited, with Paul Hewitt, a collection of essays on the Unlisted Securities Market, which was published by the IIMR. Originally an analyst with Mullens Co., John Goodchild is now Associate with KBR, the London stockbrokers. CLIVE CALLOW has had widespread experience in financial business news, starting as an editorial assistant in the newsroom of The Finanical Times in the 1960s. After working for a US based publication specializing in the petroleum industry, he joined The Times, where he covered the early days of the North Sea oil search. His book, Power from the Sea, remains one of the best early accounts of this major UK industrial enterprise. Subsequently he became an oil analyst, helping to form the London Oil Analysts Group. Clive is Joint Editor of Professional Investor and is also an Associate of KBR.
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