Policing Performance Management Systems

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The new public management (NPM) philosophy and governance approach emphasises the accountability of public sector agencies relative to practice, processes and designated outcomes?conformance and performance. Within the NPM environment police and other public sector leaders seek creative and innovative freedoms to balance politically determined government priorities with the provision of services to an increasing demanding and expansive range of stakeholders. Police Services in Australia must now employ strategic management and performance reporting processes to maintain fit with an increasingly dynamic environment. This book provides an insight to identifying key performance management (PM) design principles and elements that can inform the design of a strategic and contextually appropriate policing PM system. The work is significant in that it explores the association between NPM and governance influences on police operating environments, organisational design and performance culture. The book is intended to advance the reader?s understanding of both the applicable prescription for good design literature and the broader debate on PMS and effective policing within the constraints of a NPM environment.


John Gillespie, MB: Studied Performance Management at Edith Cowan University, Western Australia, Policing Administration at Charles Sturt University. Western Australia Police Officer for 31 years. Recipient of the WA Police Bravery Award. Senior Adviser at Global Justice Solutions Pacific Region in the areas of policing reform and Community Justice.
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