The Sociology of Community Connections

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September 2005



Community is a key concept in sociology. In the last decade, especially with the explosion of electronic communication, the definition of community has changed. There is now a need to define the concept of community and tie it to the various levels of human interaction, from the global to the individual.Currently there are many books that address many aspects of community, but there is a lack of text which "connects" the concept of community with the range of issues from the macro level to the micro level.This book will discuss the rationale for community, the varieties of communities, the effect of social change on communities and many other factors of connectedness as the costs for losing it.


Social Connections.- Conceptions of Community.- Common Ties.- Fragmented Ties.- Communities in Crisis.- Communities of Exclusion and Excluded Communities.- Connections of Faith.- Vital Bonds.- The Social Internet.- Solitary Communities.
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