James Hanley: Modernism and the Working Class

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November 2002



This is a study of the work of James Hanley, who was brought up in Liverpool and worked as a merchant seaman before becoming a professional writer. It discusses Hanley's relationship to London and the institutional culture of high modernism, and his association with Wales.


I Formations; 1. Liverpool the non-contemporaneous city; II Romance and reality: James Hanley and the Sea; 2. A writer of the sea; 3. Realism and autobiography; 4. Men in darkness; 5. The sea and industrialization; 6. Hanley and the Conradian paradigm; III Hanley and Modernism; 7. The dialectics of modernism; 8. Modernism and commodity production; 9. Intellectuals and the working-class writer; 10. Language and the working class; 11. The Furys: Modernism and the working class; IV Hanley and Wales; 12. Itinerancy and settlement: political engagement and rural retreat; 13. The Second World War: crisis and resolution; 14. Spiritual homelands: Ireland, Wales and the ideology of exile; 15. Wales versus London: metropolitan and provincial perspectives; 16. Conclusion; Bibliography


John Fordham teaches at Northumbria University. He has published widely on James Hanley, Welsh writing in English, working class writing and the literary history of modernism.


"fascinating and convincing...has implications for how we should consider other British working-class fiction" Readers Report ' ... deserves wide attention'. (English Studies) ' ... a book of impressive scholarship and scrupulous argument ... ' Planet 160 ' excellent introduction to Hanley's writing and will be an indispensable point of reference for future criticism of Hanley...Readers of this fine study...will be united in praising its seriousness, its intellectual range, and its success in its central act of reclamation on Hanley's behalf.' Literature & History
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