Theorizing Revolutions

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Juni 1997



Is the era of revolution over? Did it end in 1989? It doesn't seem so in places like the West Bank, Peru, Mexico and Algeria and it may be just around the corner in many other locations. While the discourse and the locations of revolution may change, revolutions themselves will be with us for some time to come.
In Theorizing Revolutions, some of the most exciting thinkers in the study of revolutions today look critically at the many theoretical frameworks through which revolutions can be understood and apply them to specific revolutionaly cases. The theoretical approaches considered in this way include state-centred perpectives, structural theory, world-system analysis, elite models, demographic theories and feminism and the revolutions covered range in time from the French Revolution to that of Eastern Europe in 1989 and in place from Russia to Vietnam and Nicaragua.


The authors have produced our best available guide to contemporary studies of revolution.
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