Manual Drivetrains and Axles Package

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April 2006



For courses in Automotive Manual Drivetrains and Axles.

For decades the Chek Chart automotive series has been known for its comprehensive coverage of theory and its detailed presentation of diagnostic and service procedures. The series features a two book format-a Classroom Manual theorytext and a Shop Manual that covers service & diagnostics. Chek Chart gives you THE most complete coverage of automotive manual drivetrains and axles on the market today.


CLASSROOM MANUAL 1. HAZ-MAT and Safety Objectives. Key Terms Introduction Occupational Safety and Health Act Hazardous Waste Disposal Asbestos Fire Safety Fire Extinguishers Electrical Equipment Safety Hand Tool Safety Power Tool Safety Compressed Air Equipment Safety Vehicle Operation Lift Safety Hydraulic Jack and Safety Stand Safety Eye Injuries FirstAid Kits Logout/Tagout Summary Review Questions 2. Drive Train Fundamentals Objectives Key Terms Introduction Drive Train Purpose Drive Train Configurations Drivetrain Components Transmissions and Transaxles Driveline Summary Review Questions 3. Gears & Bearings. Objectives Key Terms Introduction Gear types Gear Ratios Torque, Speed & Power Drivetrain Gear Ratios Bearings Bearing Types Summary Review Questions 4. Lubricants. Objectives Key Terms Introduction Friction Lubricants Engine Oil Gear Oil Automatic Transmission Fluid Greases Summary Review Questions 5. Seals, Sealants, Gaskets, & Fasteners. Objectives Key Terms Introduction Gaskets Seals Sealants Fasteners Summary Review Questions 6. Flywheel Clutch Assemblies And Release Mechanisms. Objectives Key Terms Introduction Flywheel Clutch Assembly Flywheel Pressure Plate Friction Disc Release Bearing Design Clutch Operation System Hydraulic Clutch System Summary Review Questions 7. Transmission/Transaxle Fundamentals. Objectives Key Terms Introduction Manual Transmission Construction Manual Transmission Power Flow Manual Transaxle Construction Manual Transaxle Power Flow Final Drives and Differentials for Transaxles Shift Linkage Transmission/Transaxle Lubrication Transmission/Transaxle Sealing Transmission/Transaxle Switches Summary Review Questions 8. Manual Transmission Operation. Objectives Key Terms Introduction Borg-Warner T5 Transmission Operation NVG 4500 Transmission Operation ZF 6-Speed Transmission Operation Summary Style Review Questions 9. Manual Transaxle Operation. Objectives Key Terms Introduction Getrag 5-Speed Transaxle Operation Daimler-Chrysler A-578 Transaxle Operation Summary Review Questions 10. Driveshafts and Universal Joints. Objectives Key Terms Introduction REAR-WHEEL DRIVE DRIVELINES UNIVERSAL JOINTS DRIVELINE TYPES Summary Review Questions 11. Front-Drive Axle, CV Joint, & Wheel Bearing Operation. Objectives Key Terms Introduction HALF SHAFT DRIVELINES CONSTANT VELOCITY JOINTS CONSTANT VELOCITY AXLE BEARING ASSEMBLIES Summary Review Questions 12. Drive Axle and Differential Operation. Objectives Key Terms Introduction The Final Drive Differentials Automatic Locking Differentials Differential Eliminators Rear Axle Designs Lubrication Axle Identification Summary Review Questions 13. 4-Wheel Drive/AWD System Operation. Objectives Key Terms Introduction 4-Wheel Drive Systems 4-Wheel Drive Components All Wheel Drive Systems Summary Review Questions 14. Electricity/ Electronics. Objectives Key Terms Introduction Basic Electrical Concepts Electrical Components Summary Review Questions 15. Drive Train Electronic Control Systems. Objectives Key Terms Introduction Computer Control Electronic Manual Transmission/Transaxle Control Summary Review Questions Glossary Index. SHOP MANUAL 1. Safety in the Shop. 2. Tools and Measurement. 3. Bearing and Case Service. 4. Basic Lubrication & Preliminary Inspection. 5. Gasket, Seals and Sealant Service. 6. Clutch Diagnosis and Repair. 7. Diagnosing Transmissions & Transaxles. 8. Transmission Diagnosis and Repair. 9. Transaxle Diagnosis and Repair. 10. Driveshaft and U-Joint Diagnosis and Repair. 11. Front Drive Axle & Wheel Bearing Diagnosis and Repair. 12. Drive Axle Diagnosis and Repair. 13. 4-Wheel Drive/AWD Diagnosis and Repair. 14. Electrical/Electronic Systems Diagnosis and Repair. 15. Drive Train Electronic Control Systems Diagnosis and Repair.
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