Beyond Category: The Life and Genius of Duke Ellington

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Unlike other great bandleaders, Ellington personally created nearly all the music played by his orchestra. Using family papers, sheet music, and original recordings, Hasse provides a complete portrait of Ellington's great achievements. 119 photos. Tie-in with the October 1993 Duke Ellington Photographic Exhibition at the Museum of New York.


* Enjoying a Capital Childhood, 18991913; Ellingtons Washington: Monumental, Ironicaland Inspirational? * Starting a Career, 191323 * Seeking Special Sounds, 192327; Essential Ellington * Composing at the Cotton Club, 192731 * The Cotton Club: The Artistocrat of Harlem * Ellingtons Musical Sources: a Treasury of Traditions * Essential Ellington * Taking the Road, 193135; Essential Ellington * Swinging to a Different Drummer, 193539; Essential Ellington * Making Masterpieces, 193943; Essential Ellington * Composing for Concerts, 194351; Essential Ellington * Playing for Time, 195156; Essential Ellington * Renewing Career and Creativity, 195665; Essential Ellington * Achieving Final Glories, 196674; Essential Ellington * Elevating Ellington, 1974 * Appendices: Ellingtons Key Musicians; Most Essential Ellington Recordings; Selected Films and Videos; Selected Reading; Ellington Songbooks and Folios


Music historian, musician, award-winning author and record producer, John Edward Hasse has served as curator of American music at the Smithsonian Institution. He is the editor of Ragtime: Its History, Composers and Music, and coeditor of Discourse in Ethnomusicology.
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