Understanding 3D Animation Using Maya

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Dezember 2004



Many animators and designers would like to supplement their Maya learning with a less-technical, more helpful book. This self-study manual is both a general guide for understanding 3-D computer graphics and a specific guide for learning the fundamentals of Maya: workspace, modeling, animation, shading, lighting, and rendering.
Understanding 3-D Animation Using Maya covers these fundamentals in each chapter so that readers gain increasingly detailed knowledge. After an initial 'concepts' section launches each chapter, hands-on tutorials are provided, as well as a chapter project that progressively adds newly learned material and culminates in the final animated short. This is the first book on Maya that teaches the subject using a sensible, proven methodology for both novices and intermediate users.
Topics and features:
- Proven method that emphasizes preliminaries to every chapter
- Integrates the "why" concepts of 3-D simultaneously with the "how-to" techniques
- Skills reinforced with tutorials and chapter projects
- Real-world experience distilled into helpful hints and step-by-step guides for common tasks


From the contents: - Essential skills.- Refinements.- Intermediate skills.- Adding character.- Wiring things up.- Bringing it all together.- Index.
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