Racism, Xenophobia, and Distribution: Multi-Issue Politics in Advanced Democracies

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April 2007



advances, the book yields fascinating insights into how politicians exploit social issues to advance their economic agenda.


* Acknowledgments
1. Introduction
2. Political Equilibrium: Theory and Application * The Data * Characterization of PUNE as a System of Equations * The Probability-of-Victory Function * Factional Bargaining Powers * The Three-Party Model * First Application: The Logarithmic Utility Function * Second Application: The Euclidean Utility Function * Conclusion
3. History of Racial Politics in the United States * Introduction * Race and American Exceptionalism * Issue Evolution * The Dixiecrats * The Presidential Election of 1964 and Its Aftermath * The Reagan Democrats * Race, Class, andWelfare Reform in the 1990s * Conclusion
4. United States: Quantitative Analysis * Introduction * Recovering Voter Racism from Survey Data * Estimation of the Model's Parameters * Numerical Solution of the Log Utility Model * The Euclidean Function Approach * Conclusion
5. History of Racism and Xenophobia in the United Kingdom * Introduction * Immigration in Britain * An Issue of "High Potential" * From Powell to Thatcher: Challenging the Consensus * The Rise of Thatcher and the Breakdown of the Consensus of Silence * Immigration in the 1990s and Beyond * Conclusion
6. United Kingdom: Quantitative Analysis * Introduction * Minorities, Race, and Class Politics in the UK * Estimation of Parameters * The PBE and ASE: Computation * Conclusion
7. Immigration: A Challenge to Tolerant Denmark * Introduction * The Early Years: GuestWorkers and Their Families * The Eighties: The Emergence of Refugees * The Nineties: Xenophobia Emerges, Front and Center * No Longer Marginal: The Far Right and the Election of 2001
8. Denmark: Quantitative Analysis * Parties and Issues * Estimation of the Model's Parameters * Political Equilibrium: Observation and Prediction * The Policy-Bundle and Antisolidarity Effects: Computation * Conclusion
9. Immigration and the Political Institutionalization of Xenophobia in France * Introduction * Immigration in France: A Brief Sketch * The Politicization of Immigration * The Rise of Le Pen * The Mainstreaming of Xenophobia * The 1988 Presidential Election * Xenophobia Remains in the Headlines * Conventional Politics Return as a New Cleavage Is Born * Conclusion
10. France: Quantitative Analysis * Parties and Voter Opinion * Political Equilibrium with Three Parties * Estimation of Model Parameters * Political Equilibrium: Observation and Prediction * The Policy-Bundle and Antisolidarity Effects: Computation
11. Conclusion * The Rise of the New Right Movement * Recapitulation * The Log Utility Function Approach * The Euclidean Utility Function Approach * Limitations * Final Remark * Appendix A: Statistical Methods * Appendix B: Additional Tables * Notes * References * Index


John E. Roemer is Elizabeth S. and A. Varick Stout Professor of Political Science and Economics, Yale University, and the author of many books, including Political Competition (978-0-674-02105-1 - GBP 12.95 - Pbk). Woojin Lee is Associate Professor of Economics, University of Massachusetts, Amherst. Karine Van der Straeten is a fellow at the National Center for Scientific Research, Paris.

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