Egalitarian Perspectives: Essays in Philosophical Economics

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Februar 2006



This book presents fifteen essays, written over the past dozen years, on egalitarianism.


Introduction; Part I. Exploitation: 1. Exploitation, alternatives, and socialism; 2. Property relations vs. surplus value in Marxian exploitation; 3. Should Marxists be interested in exploitation?; 4. What is exploitation? Reply to Jeffrey Reiman; 5. Second thoughts on property relations and exploitation; Part II. Equality of Resources: 6. Equality of talent; 7. Egalitarianism, responsibility, and information; 8. A pragmatic theory of responsibility for the egalitarian planner; Part III. Bargaining Theory and Justice: 9. The mismarriage of bargaining theory and distributive justice; 10. A challenge to Neo-Lockeanism; 11. Informational complexity in axiomatic models: benefits and costs; 12. Distributing health: the allocation of resources by an international agency; Part IV. Public Ownership and Socialism: 13. On public ownership; 14. The morality and efficiency of market socialism; 15. A future for socialism.


'The essays John Roemer brings together in this collection are of the very highest caliber. This is work of great originality, intelligence, and scholarly competence that effortlessly straddles the boundaries between economics and philosophy.' Daniel Hausman, University of Wisconsin
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