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Many years of biblical study have showed John E. Hollywell that most people have never had an accurate explanation of biblical truths and do not know what an amazing inheritance the Bible says they may have once they make Jesus their Lord and Saviour.

The chaos the world suffers was foretold in the Bible. Scientists offer explanations, but governments, politicians, and educators have no answers as to why there is such poverty, crime, war, disease, mental health problems, and other forms of misery in the world today. Are there solutions to all of these issues? Emphatically, the author says, "Yes!"

Hosea 4:6 says that God's people are destroyed through lack of knowledge. This book provides some such knowledge in a simple, readable format.

The Answer: God's Covenants of Promise will have achieved its purpose if it can open a reader's eyes to see the Word of God as it was meant to be understood, why seemingly good people worldwide are so hostile and inhumane to each other, and who Jesus is and what was His true purpose for coming.

The Answer: God's Covenants of Promise was written for everyone who might seek to know where humanity came from, why we are here, and where we go in the future, into eternity. The Answer: God's Covenants of Promise seeks to answer such scientific, evolutionary, and spiritual questions as "What is faith in God?" to be found through Jesus of Nazareth, God's son.
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