The History of Political Theory and Other Essays

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November 2014



Collection of penetrative essays on political thought - past, present and future - by a major commentator.


1. Introduction; 2. The history of political theory; 3. Contractualism; 4. Political obligation; 5. Trust; 6. The claim to freedom of conscience: freedom of speech; freedom of thought, freedom of worship?; 7. Property, justice and common good after socialism; 8. The dilemma of humanitarian intervention: the executive power of the Law of Nature after God; 9. Specifying and understanding racism; 10. Political science, political theory, and policymaking in an interdependent world; 11. Democracy: the politics of making, defending and exemplifying community: Europe 1992; 12. Is there a contemporary crisis of the nation state?; 13. Political and economic obstacles to rapid collective learning; 14. The heritage and future of the European left.


"...the essays are brief, focused, cogent, and carefully thought out..." Choice "John Dunn's complex persona, as both Cambridge historian of political ideas and political scientist is nicely exemplified in this recent collection of essays...he remains an important voice and one who should be listened to not simply by historians of political thought." P.J. Kelly, Canadian Journal of Political Science
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