The Disappearance of the Social in American Social Psychology

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The Disappearance of the Social in American Social Psychology is a critical conceptual history of American social psychology.


Preface; Introduction: What happened to the social in Social Psychology?; 1. The Lost World; 2. Wundt and Volkerpsychologie; 3. Durkheim and Social Facts; 4. The Social and the Psychological; 5. Social Psychology and the 'Social Mind'; 6. Individualism and the Social; 7. Crowds, Publics and Experimental Social Psychology; 8. Crossroads; 9. Crisis; 10. The Rediscovery of the Social?; References; Index.


"Greenwood's book is unequalled in its sustained conceptual analysis of what was lost during the historical development of social psychology. It represents a profound theoretical contribution, sympathetic to empirical work, and offers an insightful commentary on the field's current problems." Kurt Danziger, Professor Emeritus of Psychology, York University, Toronto "This book by an outstanding scholar is a major contribution to understanding social psychology. The author spells out how early 20th century views of the social were ignored or discarded, resulting in a contemporary social psychology that is too individualistic. He points the way to bringing the social back in." Paul F. Secord, Professor Emeritus of Educational Leadership and Cultural Studies, University of Houston "...I applaud the author for reviewing so extensively the history of psychological social psychology and for working to improve the field." - Robert S. Horton, Wabash College
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