The Battle for Palestine (1917)

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The story of Allied victory in the Holy Land, far from the carnage of the Western Front but a crucial, morale-boosting success under the aggressive and forward-thinking General Allenby.


Informed, critical, readable and supported by a wealth of unpublished and printed primary material. JOURNAL OF MILITARY HISTORYExtremely good value as it is, like all books from this publisher, of high quality. (...) The one book on Palestine in the Great War that I would select. THE BULLETIN OF THE MILITARY HISTORICAL SOCIETYAt last a brilliant detailed work on Palestine which explains the whole campaign and uses the words of the British, Anzac and Turkish forces who were there. An excellent and very informative read. ARMCHAIR AUCTIONSGrainger's analysis of battle tactics, from both British and Turkish perspectives, will captivate military buffs. Recommended. CHOICE
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