Introduction to Digital Electronics

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April 1998



Aims to take students from the very basics of digital electronics to the state-of-the-art techniques used in the field. Tailored specifically for undergraduate courses, the in-depth coverage of the book should allow the reader to progress smoothly on to higher level texts.


Introduction and Basic Principles - introduction * Boolean algebra * Number systems * Combinational Logic - Introduction * Sum of products representation * The negative logic approach * Minimalisation * Common combinational circuits * The 4-bit adder; a design example * Systollic (iterative) arrays * General sums of products circuits * Hazards in combinational circuits * Fault diagnosis * Sequential ciruits - Introduction * Asynchronous sequential circuits * Flip flops * Registers * Counters * Synchronous sequential circuits * Choosing a Means of Implementation - Introduction * Technology * The level of integration * Possible Design Routes - Discrete implementation * PAL, PLA, EPLD implementation * Mask programmable gate arrays * Field programmable gate arrays * Standard cell * Full custom * VHDL * Digital Meets Analogue * Index.


An excellent 1st year introductory text.,Dr N G Emerson, University of Surrey, UK,
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