Introduction to Fiber Optics

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Introduction to Fiber Optics is well established as an introductory text for engineers, managers and students. It meets the needs of systems designers, installation engineers, electronic engineers and anyone else looking to gain a working knowledge of fiber optics with a minimum of maths. Review questions are included in the text to enable the reader to check their understanding as they work through the book.The new edition of this successful book is now fully up to date with the new standards, latest technological developments and includes a new chapter on specifying optical components.Whether you are looking for a complete self-study course in fiber optics, a concise reference text to dip into, or a readable introduction to this fast moving technology, this book has the solution.
* A practical, no-nonsense guide to fiber optics* Up-to-date coverage that minimises mathematics* New material on specifying optical components


Optic fiber and light a brilliant combination;
What makes the light stay in the fiber?;
The choice of frequency;
Propagation of light along the fiber;
Losses in optic fibers;
Dispersion and our attempts to prevent it;
Real cables;
Connecting optic fibers the problems;
Fusion splicing;
Mechanical splices;
Light sources and detectors;
Testing a system;
System design or, will it work?;
The transmission of signals;
Designing an optical system and selecting components;
LANs and topology;
Some final thoughts;
Quiz time answers;
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