Hidden Unity in Nature's Laws

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April 2001



A wide-ranging and illuminating account of how our understanding of the world has developed by uncovering 'hidden unities' in nature.


Preface; 1. Motion on earth and in the heavens; 2. Energy, heat, and chance; 3. Electricity and magnetism; 4. Light; 5. Space and time; 6. Least action; 7. Gravitation and curved spacetime; 8. The quantum revolution; 9. Quantum theory with special relativity; 10. Order breaks symmetry; 11. Quarks and what hold them together; 12. Unifying weak forces with QED; 13. Gravitation plus quantum theory - stars and black holes; 14. Particles, symmetries and the universe; 15. Queries; 16. Appendices; Glossary; Bibliography.


'Are you lost in modern theoretical physics? Do you need help with understanding squarks, selectrons, photinos? Or do you require quidance on the subject of the Higgs particle? Perhaps you need a hint as to the meaning of quintessence in cosmology? If any of these apply, then this is the book for you ... an undoubted success ... many worthwhile ideas are expounded here which even a newcomer to physics could understand. I strongly recommend this book.' Peter Landsberg, Nature 'What makes this book extremely valuable is that the author has succeeded in adhering to his geometric approach throughout, starting with Galileo and ending with Ed Witten and Stephen Hawking.' Gerald 't Hooft, Physics World '... provides excellent insight into recent developments in physics ...'. P. H. Borcherds, European Journal of Physics 'This book covers a vast expanse of physics and is a genuine tour de force for its insights and intellectual honesty. This is an exceptional book by an exceptional physicist.' Times Higher Education Supplement
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