Music Education and the Art of Performance in the German Baroque

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In considering the role of practical music in education this book explores the art of performance in Germany during the Baroque period. The author examines the large number of surviving treatises and instruction manuals used in the Lutheran schools during the period 1530-1800 and builds up a picture of the function and status of music in both school and church. This understanding of music as a functional art--musica practica--in turn gives us insight into contemporary performance of the sacred work of Praetorius, SchÜ tz, Buxtehude or Bach.


List of plates; Preface; Acknowledgements; List of abbreviations; 1. The establishment of Lutheran musical practice in the sixteenth century; 2. The role of practical music in education c. 1600-1750; 3. The contents, layout and style of instruction books; 4. The development of performance practice and the tools of expression and interpretation in the German Baroque; 5. Ornamentation and the relation between performer and composer; 6. The decline of the Lutheran cantorates during the eighteenth century; Notes; Bibliography; Index.


'Butt's organisation of his material is exemplary. He interprets contemporary comment helpfully, clarifying what is rudimentary and what is, or conceals, more sophisticated information.' Musical Times
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