16mm Film Cutting

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The film editor can make or break a film. What ends up on the cutting room floor, and why? 16mm Film Cutting is a step-by-step guide to film cutting which shows you how to achieve professional results.
The practical side of the editor's job is clearly described and illustrated; breaking down rushes and making a simple join, identifying shots, first assembly, avoiding errors, preparing special effects, instructing the labs, compiling sound tracks and all the other stages in producing the final film.
16mm Film Cutting is an indispensable aid to editors and assistants working in all areas of 16mm film production. Complex techniques are presented logically for ease of understanding Ideal reference for all those working in the area of 16mm film production Gain a comprehensive overview of the processes and skills in 16m film cutting


The Job of Cutting; Cutting Films Shot with Sound; Multi-track Equipment; Synchronisers; Joining Films; Animated Viewers; The Film in the Camera; Locating Scenes and Takes; Joining with Tape; Continuity Cutting; Optical Effects; Extending and Fine Cutting the Action; Superimposed Titles; Cutting with Wild Sound; Preparing Sound Effects; Matching Sound and Picture; Narration: Pre Recording Matching; Dubbing: Practice; Combined Prints; Preparing the First Show Copy; Faults Difficult to Remedy; Moving from Gauge to Gauge; Recording Film on video;
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