Popular Development: Rethinking the Theory and Practice of Development

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September 1996



This critical evaluation of development strategies examines development frameworks, and looks at their theoretical underpinnings and the results of their implementation in practice. It covers all the major regions, including Africa, Latin America and Asia.


Acknowledgements. Abbreviations. Introduction. Part I: Mainstream Theories and Practices: 1. The Postwar Tradition in Theory. 2. Strategies of Growth and Industrialization. 3. The Asian Newly Industrialized Countries. 4. The South (1): Neoliberal Policy and Strategy. 5. The South (2): The Neglect of Politics and People. Part II: Alternative Theories and Practices: 6. Refocusing on Needs. 7. New Concepts of Planning. 8. Participation and Power. 9. Women and Gender. 10. Environment and Sustainability. 11. Popular Development. Further Reading. References. Index.


John Brohman is Associate Professor of Geography and Latin American Studies at Simon Fraser University, British Columbia, Canada. His current research focuses on theories and strategies of Third World development. He has worked and traveled widely in all of the South's major regions, most recently in Latin America. During the 1980s he worked on the agrarian reform in Nicaragua and is presently involved in a rural development project there.


"... this ranks with the best books on alternative development... adds to the critical analysis of alternative development and renews it through the notion of popular development. It is one of the most effective, topical and critical books about development theory, which makes it eminently useful as a textbook." Jan Nederveen Pieterse, Institute of Social Studies, The Hague
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