Settling Accounts: Violence, Justice, and Accountability in Postsocialist Europe

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November 1997



Drawing from ethnographic work in the former East Germany, and with select comparisons to other East-Central European states, author John Borneman looks at how former East bloc states are dealing with their criminal past. He maintains that to create a less violent world, democratic regimes should require accountability and hold leaders responsible for acts of criminality and moral injustices.


Preface Ch. 1Framing the Rule of Law in East-Central Europe Ch. 2Comparing: Decommunization - Recommunization - Reform? Ch. 3Historicizing the Rule of Law Pt. 2Ethnography of Criminality Ch. 4The Invocation of the Rechtsstaat in East Germany: Governmental and Unification Criminality Ch. 5Accountability on Trial Pt. 3Ethnography of Vindication Ch. 6Democratic Accountability: Results, Evaluations, Ramifications Ch. 7Justice and Dignity: Victims, Vindication, and Accountability Pt. 4Legitimacy Ch. 8The Rule of Law and the State: Violence, Justice, and Legitimacy Notes Bibliography Index Name Index


"As Borneman notes, from Argentina to South Korea, people are struggling with the proper response to past abuse... [Readers} will be rewarded with a subtle, albeit hardly indisputable, notion of 'retributive justice' and its value."--Foreign Affairs
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