Gold Dust and Gunsmoke: Tales of Gold Rush Outlaws, Gunfighters, Lawmen, and Vigilantes

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A letter home from the Gold Rush frontier... Don't go to the mines on any account. They are...loaded to the muzzle with vagabonds from every quarter of the globe, scoundrels from nowhere, rascals from Oregon, pickpockets from New York, accomplished gentlemen from Europe, interlopers from Lima and Chile, Mexican thieves, gamblers of no particular spot, and assassins manufactured in Hell for the express purpose of converting highways and byways into theaters of blood; then last, but not least, Judge Lynch with his thousand arms, thousand sightless eyes, and five hundred lying tongues, ready under the banner of justice to hang, half, and quarter any individual who may meet his disapprobation. One moment the California creek beds glimmered with gold; the next, the same creeks ran red with the blood of men and women defending their claims or ceding their bags of gold dust to bandits. Packed with never-before-told tales of the American frontier, "Gold Dust & Gunsmoke" sends you galloping through the tumultuous California territory of the mid-nineteenth century, where disputes were settled with six-shooters and the lines of justice were in perpetual flux. Armed with meticulous research, John Boessenecker has a remarkable knack for finding the perfect details to capture all the color, excitement, and hullabaloo of the Gold Rush. Gold fever drew a diverse group from around the world to California. San Francisco Bay became a virtual parking lot filled with abandoned vessels whose crews had headed for the hills of the new El Dorado. Remnants of the forces fighting in the Mexican War also got in on the action. These forces included transplanted Bowery Boys, the notorious New York Citystreet gang with ties to Tammany Hall. The Sydney Ducks, a large contingent of new arrivals from Australia's penal colony, added a bit of outlaw innovation from down under. With more than enough gold dust to go around early in the Gold Rush, crime was rare, but as the stakes


"Boys, I Believe I've Found a Gold Mine." First Blood. Judge Lynch. Gringos and Greasers. Bring Me the Head of Joaquin Murrieta. Pillagers or Patriots? The Whores in '51. Bears, Bulls, and Bare Knuckles. I'll Die Before I'll Run. The Field of Honor. Pirates of the Placers. Gold Rush Lawmen. Enforcing the Law. Gold Rush Gunfighters. Epilogue: A Legacy of Violence. Notes. Index.


JOHN BOESSENECKER is a San Francisco attorney and historian. He is the author of Badge and Buckshot: Lawlessness in Old California and Lawman: The Life and Times of Harry Morse, 1835-1912, and he is coauthor of The Grey Fox: The True Story of Bill Miner, Last of the Old Time Bandits.
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