The Beginnings of the Cinema in England, 1894-1901: Volume 5: 1900

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Januar 1997



Describing in detail one of the most inventive periods in the history of English cinema, the volumes in this celebrated series are already established as classics in their field and represent a major contribution to international film studies. Each volume details the highlights of a single cinematic year, including details of production, manufacturers of equipment, dealers and exhibitors. This is augmented by numerous carefully chosen illustrations and a comprehensive filmography of English films, fiction and non-fiction, for the year. Particular attention is also paid to the ways in which the cinema of other countries affected the English industry. The University of Exeter Press editions of Volumes 2, 3, 4 are re-jacketed re-issues of the first editions. The long-awaited fifth and final volume in the series is published for the first time by UEP, and edited and introduced by Richard Maltby, Professor of Screen Studies, Flinders University, Australia.


Illustrations Publisher's Acknowledgements Introduction: Richard Maltby Foreword
1. Three Pioneers-Paul, Acres, and Hepworth
2. The South Coast Filmmakers-Smith, Williamson, and West
3. American and French Connections
4. Manufacturers and Dealers
5. Exhibitors
6. Home Movies
Appendix 1: British Films of 1900
Appendix 2: Revised List of Biograph Films for the Year 1899
Appendix 3: Amendments and Additions to Volume 4 Epilogue and Acknowledgements Notes Index of Film Titles General Index


John Barnes wrote extensively on the beginnings of the cinema and on pre-cinema history. With his twin brother, Bill, he produced a collection of films documenting life in Kent in the 1930s.


"The eagerly awaited publication of John Barnes'' fifth volume marks the final instalment of this groundbreaking series ... it seemed for a while that it might never see the light of day. That it has done so, and that the other books in the series have been re-issued, is testimony not only to John''s tenacity, but to the foresight of Exeter University Press ... The series has become the standard reference text for English cinema of this period, with its combination of technical, biographical and contextual information ... As well as providing reliable and comprehensive reference material for film scholars these books are eminently accessible and entertaining. They are a significant contribution to the canon of film scholarship and a fitting testimony to a lifetime''s dedication to the cinema." -Screening the Past, May 2000
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