Desperate Glory: The Story of Wwi

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This book presents the story and issues of the First World War in a clear, concise and objective manner, accompanied on every page by photographs, original sketches or maps. Focussing on social as well as political issues with a Canadian perspective, Wilson presents the issues of the war with depth and compassion. This book will be a very useful tool for educators in explaining the hows and whys of this most important period.


John Wilson was born in Edinburgh, Scotland, and attended the University of St. Andrews, where he took an Honours B.Sc. in Geology. His first position was with the Geological Survey of Rhodesia, but he eventually found his way to the oil fields of Canada. Having young children inspired him to begin writing children's stories. Wilson's first junior novel, "Weet, " was published in 1995 by Napoleon Publishing and followed by "Weet's Quest" and "Weet Alone" in subsequent years. A frequent award winner for his children's literature, he writes both fiction and non-fiction for that age group, most freqeuntly with an histoical perspective.


"John a gifted writer whose prose.makes history meaningful and relevant. An excellent introduction to the First World War. Highly Recommended." "A bracingly critical perspective. With a few deft sentences he lays out the story in a way that doesn't overwhelm the emotions of his young audience, but provides the context they'll need to read an interpret more advanced works in the future." -- Deirdre Baker
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