Starting to Collect Antique Furniture

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Januar 1999



A concise yet wide-ranging survey of collectible antique furniture, this guide features full-color illustrations and information that guide the new collector through nearly three centuries of Western furniture.


John Andrews has been associated with Antique Collectors' Club since its inception thirty years ago. His original price guide to antique furniture, now available as British Antique Furniture, has been reprinted and revised many times. It is a standard work of reference. He is also an active businessman and author of numerous art-antique crime novels under the pseudonym John Malcolm.


"Suffice to say that this book is small enough to be toted around the auction rooms and galleries. Like all Antique Collectors' Club offerings, it is chock full of splendid photographs and illustrations, with a huge amount of information expressed in an invitingly readable manner on its well laid out pages" Furniture & Cabinetmaking
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Untertitel: 'Starting to collect'. colour illustrations, bibliography, index. Sprache: Englisch.
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