Lost Geographies of Power

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April 2003



This original study explores the difference that space and spatiality make to the understanding of power.
Explores the difference that space and spatiality makes to an understanding of power.
Moves forward the incorporation of ideas of space into social theory.
Presents a new understanding of the exercise, uses and manifestations of cultural, economic and political power in the second half of the twentieth century.
Illustrated with cases and examples.


Series Editorsa Preface. Acknowledgements. Chapter 1: Introduction: Lost Geographies. Part I: Spatial Vocabularies of Power. Chapter 2: Power in Things: Webera s Footnotes from the Centre. Chapter 3: Power through mobilization: From Manna s Networked Productions to Castellsa Networked Fictions. Chapter 4: Power as an Immanent Affair: Foucault and Deleuzea s Topographical Detail. Part II: Lost Geographies. Chapter 5: Power in its Various Guises (and Disguises). Chapter 6: Proximity and Reach: Were There Powers at a Distance before Latour? Chapter 7: Placing Power, or the Mischief Done by Thinking Domination is Everywhere. Chapter 8: Conclusion: Misplaced Power. Bibliography. Index.


John Allen is Professor of Economic Geography at the Open University. His recent publications include Rethinking the Region: Spaces of Neoliberalism (1998, with Doreen Massey and Allan Cochrane) and Human Geography Today (1999, with Doreen Massey and Phil Sarre).


"Allen moves the debate on power into the everyday effects of human social action. In so doing he not only enriches the debate in numerous ways but also shows how theoretical discussion of power can no longer avoid addressing power's inherent spatiality." John Agnew, Department of Geography, UCLA "John Allen provides new maps of the spatiality of power. The wonderful thing is not just that some familiar accounts are revitalised, but also that new forms of understanding power are born." Professor Nigel Thrift John Allen offers us a refreshing and provocative account of power in social theory, attending in particular to one of its missing dimensions, that of space ... this is an attractive book, welcome in particular for its attention to the complexities and multiple modalities of power." American Journal of Sociology "Lost Geographies of Powers is a subtle and well argued book. It deserves a wider readership than its title suggests and should be read by social scientists in general, not just geographers." Area
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