Leadership of Muhammad

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The Leadership of Muhammad is a very personal study of the life-story and leadership skills of the Prophet. John Adair served with a Bedouin regiment in the Arab Legion and this story is full of fascinating detail of desert life and Bedouin beliefs. A business book that crosses boundaries it highlights the key leadership skills displayed by Muhammad and allows you to share in his wisdom. John Adair weaves the story of Muhammad's life together with aspects of Bedouin culture and ancient proverbs to provide key points for leaders and aspiring leaders. He discusses tribal leadership and essential attributes such as integrity, moral authority and humility. Learning and leadership go hand in hand. You are not born a leader, but you can become one and it is never too late to learn. John Adair's study or Muhammad and the tribal tradition of leadership is an essential addtion to the leadership debate.


Chapter - 00: Introduction; Chapter - 01: In the black tents of Bani Sa'd; Chapter - 02: The shepherd; Chapter - 03: Caravan leader; Chapter - 04: Dwellers of the desert; Chapter - 05: Muhammad 'the Trustworthy One'; Chapter - 06: Sharing in hardship; Chapter - 07: Humility; Chapter - 08: From past to present


"This book provides an interesting and very useful study of the leadership role and qualities of Prophet Muhammad. The author deserves credit for focusing on this aspect of the Prophet’s life and thereby he has clarified many misconceptions about the life and teachings of the Prophet of Islam." The Muslim News, August 27, 2010 “...a mind blowing book which will contribute a lot for the whole Muslim community in the world.” M Hussain, Editor, The Muslim Post “John Adair has done an excellent job by highlighting the leadership qualities found in the life and mission of the prophet Muhammad.” Dr Manazir Ahsan, Director General, Islamic Foundation “The Prophet Muhammad is probably the most misunderstood historical figure among people in the West... The Leadership of Muhammad by John Adair is a unique attempt to bring to light some aspects of his leadership that changed the world forever.” Dr Muhammad Abdul Bari, Secretary General, The Muslim Council of Britain
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