Perspectives in World Food Agriculture

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The second volume in a series designed to keep the agricultural leaders of today and tomorrow in both industry and academe abreast of the latest, most up-to-date information concerning global agriculture. Aimed at faculty, undergraduate and graduate students in colleges of agriculture, policy makers, government and industry scientists, public libraries, farmers and agribusiness operators, this book is the key to keeping current on agricultural research and policy.


Foreword (Kenneth M. Quinn). Preface. Acknowledgements. Section I: Frontiers in Addressing World Hunger and Poverty. 1. Introduction to the Millennium Development Goals. 2. The Human Development report 2003 (Sakiko Fukuda-Parr). 3. World Food Day Remarks: Agricultural Productivity in the Developing World (Andrew S. Natsios). 4. The Millennium Compact and the End of Hunger (Jeffrey D. Sachs). 5. Globalization and World Hunger: An Independent Monitoring of Progress (Per Pinstrup-Andersen). 6. Defeating Hunger and Famine: The View from Africa (H.E. Wilberforce Kisamba-Mugerwa). 7. How to Reduce Poverty and Malnutrition Through Science and Technology (Ann Veneman). 8. Feeding the World: The View from Iowa (Tom Vilsack). 9. Donor Role in Agriculture and Rural Development and in Hunger Reduction (Kevin Cleaver). 10. Environmental Sustainability and Food Security (Jeffrey McNeely). 11. Toward a Hunger-Free World: The Final Milestone (M.S. Swaminathan). 12. Global Health and Food Security: Imperatives for the Future (Ady Barkan and Josh Ruxin). 13. Ending Hunger in America (H. Eric Schockman). Section II: Frontiers in Addressing Health and Nutrition. 14. Educate Girls (Catherine Bertini). 15. Plant-Derived Vaccines to Overcome Current Constraints in Global Immunization (Charles J. Arntzen, Guruatma Khalsa, adn Richard T. Mahoney). 16. The Effect of Banning Antibiotics for Growth Promotion in Poultry and Swine Production in Denmark (Hanne-Dorthe Embog and Henridk C. Wegener). 17. Implications of More Restricted Antimicrobial Access Policy: Issues Related to U.S. Pork Production (Dermot J. Hayes and Helen H. Jensen). Section III: Frontiers in Food, Agriculture, and Global Climate Change. 18. Global Warming and Agriculture (Cynthia Rosenzweig and Daniel Hillel). 19. Technological Choice and the Changing Structure of Agriculture: Farming to Sequester Carbon and Reduce Global Warming (Luther Tweeten and Mariah Tanner). Section IV: Frontiers in Agriculture and Rural Development in Industrialized Countries. 20. Farm Programs and Agricultural Choices in Rural America (B4uce A. Babcock). 21. A Time for Change in U.S. Rural Policy (Mark Drabenstott). 22. Agriculture - A Short History (from Demestication to Present) (Colin S. Scanes and Richard L. Willham). Section V: trends and Outlook for World Food and Agriculture. 23. Factors Affecting World Agriculture (John Beghin, Jay Fabiosa, Fengxia Dong, Amani El Obeid, Frank Fuller, Chad Hart, Holger Matthey, Alexander Saak, Simla Tokgoz, Seth Meyer, and Eric Wailes). Index.


John Miranowski, PhD, is a professor and agricultural economist for Iowa State University, Ames. Harvard-educated, Dr. Miranowski served as Director, Resources and Technology Division for the USDA. As Executive Coordinator of the Secretary's Policy Coordination Council, he worked to develop and implement programs on water quality, food safety, pest control and other vital topics. He has written and served as editor for several books and numerous refereed papers in environmental and resource economics and agricultural policy. Colin Scanes, PhD, is a professor of animal science at Iowa State University, Ames. He took his PhD at the University of Wales and has served in a variety of leadership roles in colleges of agriculture in North America. Dr. Scanes is widely recognized for his work in endocrinology of domestic animals, and is the author of numerous papers and research publications. .

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