Mutual Funds: Risk and Performance Analysis for Decision Making

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This authoritative book enables readers to evaluate the various performance and risk attributes of mutual funds, while also serving as a comprehensive resource for students, academics, and general investors alike. Avoiding the less useful descriptive approach to fund selection, this book employs a balanced approach including both technique and application. The chapters combine clear summaries of existing research with practical guidelines for mutual fund analysis. Enables readers to analyze mutual funds by evaluating a fund's various performance and risk attributes. Includes templates, which provide an efficient, sound approach to fund analysis, interpretation of results, buy/sell decisions, and the timing of decisions. Combines clear summaries of existing research with practical guidelines for mutual fund analysis.


Preface. 1. Understanding Mutual Funds. 2. Mutual Fund Service Advantages. 3. Mutual Fund Service Advantages: Professional Management. 4. Mutual Fund Service Disadvantages. 5. Mutual Fund Service Disadvantages: Expenses. 6. Long-Term Investing in Mutual Funds. 7. Portfolio Diversification Risk and Equity Style Allocation. 8. Mutual Fund Performance Measures and Buy/Sell Decision Criteria. 9. Mutual Fund Performance and Portfolio Investment Style Allocations. 10. Actively Managed versus Passively Managed Funds: The Search for Managers. 11. Mutual Funds: The Next Generation. 12. Economic and Market Indicators: Knowledge, Not Faith. Index.


John A. Haslem is Professor Emeritus of Finance in the Smith School of Business at the University of Maryland, College Park. His research has been published in academic and practitioner journals, and he has written books on banking and mutual funds. He served as the College of Business and Management's first academic dean, and as its first Chair of Finance. His mutual funds analysis course is considered to be the first offered in the finance curriculum of a collegiate school of business. He has been a consultant for the Director of Supersonic Transport, NASA, US Department of Justice, as well as various banks, law firms, and other organizations. Professor Haslem also advises on mutual funds selection and portfolio allocation.


'This marvelous compendium of mutual fund information is an answer to the prayers of investors who want to dig beneath the superficial to reach the fundamental. Dr. Haslem's book is more than a textbook. It is perhaps the first substantive attempt to evaluate mutual funds from an academic and historic perspective. I commend it highly to the serious investor.' John C. Bogle, Founder and Former CEO, The Vanguard Group 'Like a master anthologist, Professor Haslem has collected the best ideas of the past twenty years on how to select and evaluate mutual funds, and he's assembled them into a cohesive, highly readable work. If you're seeking order out of the chaos of competing lists of '10 Funds to Buy Now,' then this is the book for you.' Don Phillips, Managing Director, Morningstar, Inc. 'I am confident that Haslem will be recognized as having written the definitive book on mutual funds bar none. I have seen most of the books in this area, and nothing comes close to the coverage. I will recommend the book to anyone who has an interest in this area, and certainly to anyone needing something to use for instructional purposes.' Charles Jones, North Carolina State University 'This masterfully written book is a 'must read' for those who want to make informed decisions about mutual funds. Jack Haslem's definitive treatment of the subject sets a new standard for excellence. His clarity of style and solidity of research result in fascinating reading.' H. Kent Baker, American University 'Haslem's realistic, thoroughly researched perspective on mutual funds is must reading for both investors and fund managers. This is one those solid books that results from a strong academic background in investments and a balanced view of the financial markets.' Bob Edmister, University of Mississippi 'Professor John Haslem has written a very thorough and detailed book on mutual funds. This book will be very useful as a text for a course on mutual funds, a supplementary text for a standard investment course, and a must reading for anyone aspiring to be a certified financial planner.' Robert Krainer, University of Wisconsin
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