Learn to Write Chinese Characters

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Februar 1995



'An engagingly written, pedagogically correct, and highly informative self-instructional tool for students of Chinese as well as for calligraphy enthusiasts who do not speak Chinese.' Characters are one of the most fascinating aspects of the Chinese language and occupy a prominent place in Chinese culture. Good handwriting is also very important in learning Chinese: the strokes that make up the characters must be written in a certain rigidly specified order, and they must also be written in a special way.


The history and structure of characters - looking up characters in a dictionary; the aesthetics of characters - alive on paper; writing characters; the tools of writing; how to practice; the basic strokes; some composite strokes; stroke order; the aesthetics of characters - composition; some characters have a key stroke; characters fit in imaginary squares; repeated elements are executed with variation; some characters have left and right parts; some characters have left, middle, and right parts; some characters have a top-bottom structure; framed characters; a few difficult characters; the radicals; a poem and more characters to practice - "A Thought on Still Night"; characters to practice.
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Untertitel: 'Yale Language'. index of characters, guide to Chinese pronunciation. Sprache: Englisch.
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