The Cultural Transformation of a Native American Family and Its Tribe 1763-1995: A Basket of Apples

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Juli 1996



A description of the impact of US government civilization and education policies on a Native American tribe from 1793 to 1995. The author dicovers a direct relationship between educational policies and their impact on his family and tribe through the process of civilization.


Contents: Preface. Part I: Choctaws, Cherokees, and a Mixed-Blood Family Prior to Removal. A Basket of Apples. Indian Policy as Ideological Management. The Ghost Dance, Schools, and Social Classes. The Missionaries and Their Schools. Removal, Betrayal, and Death. Part II: A Choctaw Family and Its Tribe After Removal. The Choctaw Republic and Its People. Academies, Christian Families, and Anglo-Saxon Culture. "I am a slave instead of the Negroes": Segregation and Language. From Thomas Jefferson to Henry Ford: The End of the Choctaw Republic. Afterword: The Role of Schooling in Modern Society.
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