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Februar 2004



Explores the drive of whites to "individualize" Indians -- showing them how they should pursue happiness, find the meaning of life and how they should labor.


Joel Pfister is Professor of American Studies and English at Wesleyan University. He is a coeditor of "Inventing the Psychological: Toward a Cultural History of Emotional Life in America "and the author of "Staging Depth: Eugene O'Neill and the Politics of Psychological Discourse "and "The Production of Personal Life: Class, Gender, and the Psychological in Hawthorne's Fiction."


"Joel Pfister's book shows how Indians served as subjects for quite specific American ideological projects, in this case, projects involving different conceptions of the 'individual.' Pfister's extensive archival research makes a significant contribution to our understanding of Richard Henry Pratt and the Carlisle Indian School and of John Collier and the Indian New Deal. He pays careful attention to such earlier Native writers and activists as Gertrude and Raymond Bonnin, Luther Standing Bear, and D'Arcy McNickle as well to contemporary Native writers like Leslie Marmon Silko, Jimmie Durham, and Sherman Alexie, among others. This is a wide-ranging and important book."--Arnold Krupat, Sarah Lawrence College "Individuality Incorporated is a real contribution to American cultural studies. Its reexaminations of the Carlisle School, John Collier, and the Taos bohemians produce a detailed picture of the uses of 'Indianizing.' The book is of real service to discussions of race, assimilation, and individualism in the twentieth century."--Tom Lutz, University of Iowa
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