Virtual Spiritual Formation

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One of the greatest challenges facing Churches today is gathering a group of people together at the same time and in the same place for the purpose of spiritual formation. Most people find that demands upon their discretionary time outstrips their desire to participate in such endeavors. The answer is bending time and space through virtual programming. This book presents a paradigm that allows for parishioners to engage in virtual spiritual formation in their own time and space using the Internet. Offering a unique perspective and definition of postmodernism, this book explores the opportunities and challenges it presents in our day and age. The social and cultural context of the project, A Journey Without Steps, is considered followed by an in-depth analysis of how effective virtual spiritual formation was utilizing qualitative and quantitative data. The conclusion invites you to consider whether or not this new paradigm of transmitting spiritual formation is appropriate or essential for the Church today.


The Rev. Dr. Joel Clark Mason, Rector, The Church of St. Mary the Virgin, Episcopal, Chappaqua, New York. Adjunct Professor, Worship, Preaching, & Spirituality, Doctor of Ministry Program, Drew University, Madison, New Jersey.
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