LINQ Programming

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Take your LINQ programming skills to the top tier
Resolve data format impedance mismatch with guidance from a C# expert and Microsoft MVP. LINQ Programming details cutting-edge techniques to effectively assimilate XML, SQL, ADO.NET, and unstructured data sources. Build powerful LINQ queries, handle hierarchical and relational data, use lambdas and expression trees, and develop multi-threaded applications. Get proven strategies for handling conflicts and exceptions and creating custom extension methods. Additionally, you'll learn how to create your own LINQ provider through a working example, LINQ to Twitter.
  • Filter, order, and group code using LINQ to Objects
  • Query relational and unstructured data with LINQ to SQL and LINQ to XML
  • Work with ADO.NET through LINQ to DataSet
  • Deploy object-oriented programming techniques and LINQ to Entities
  • Read, manipulate, and create C#-based XML documents
  • Generate DBML and external mapping files with SqlMetal
  • Create custom lambdas, expressions, providers, and extensions
  • Support concurrent processing and multi-threading using PLINQ
  • Build a custom LINQ provider for working with any data source


Part I - LINQ Essentials
Chapter 1 - Introduction to LINQ
Chapter 2 - Using LINQ to Objects
Chapter 3 - Handling LINQ to SQL with Visual Studio
Part II - LINQ to any Data Source
Chapter 4 - Working with ADO.NET through LINQ to DataSet
Chapter 5 - Programming Objects with LINQ to Entities
Chapter 6 - Managing Hierarchical Data with LINQ to XML
Chapter 7 - Automatically Generating LINQ to SQL Code with SqlMetal
Part III - Extending LINQ
Chapter 8 - Digging Into Expression Trees and Lambdas
Chapter 9 - Constructing New Code with Extension Methods
Chapter 10 - Building a Custom LINQ Provider--Introducing LINQ to Twitter
Chapter 11 - Designing Applications with LINQ
Chapter 12 - Concurrent Programming with Parallel LINQ (PLINQ)
Appendix A - Standard Query Operator Reference


Joe Mayo, Microsoft MVP, is an author and instructor who specializes in Microsoft .NET software technology. He owns Mayo Software Training and operates the C# Station website.

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