The Lonely Hours

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Mai 2010



Ever have that shiver run down your spine just before something was going to happen. That feeling just woke me from the usual daze of scanning the instruments and the ever graying sky outside in the cold winter sky. I don't know about you, but I have learned by hard experience that when this happens, watch out. It's often said that the sea is unforgiving of mistakes, so too it is of the sky. In the unforgiving sky a calm day may suddenly become a maelstrom striving to swat the people in the small tube who's arrogance took them into the air. The Lonely Hours is a tale of the decisions which must be made when the tigress awakens to play with the small mouse which dared invade it's territory. Memory is a funny thing. Sometimes the past is so distant, but when things conspire just right, yesterday can be as clear and vibrant as if all of the years have fallen away and the engines drone once again as those Lonely Hours require once again the hard decisions be made once again.

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