The Parallel Worlds of Classical Art and Text

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September 2003



Considering the relationship between artists and texts throughout classical antiquity, this study systematically applies new and objective criteria to judge the fidelity between picture and text. It becomes clear that artists illustrate stories, not texts, and Jocelyn Penny Small argues that artistic transmissions follow the model of oral, not textual, transmission where the variant rules and there is no original. Pictures on vases, she demonstrates, should not be used to reconstruct lost literary works.


1. What does it mean to illustrate a text?; 2. The evidence from Archaic and Early Classical Greek art; 3. The evidence for Greek plays; 4. The evidence from Hellenistic and Roman art; 5. Illustrated text from antiquity; 6. There is no original!


Jocelyn Penny Small is Professor II at Rutgers University in the Department of Art History. A recipient of Woodrow Wilson, Guggenheim and other fellowships, she is the author of books and articles on aspects of classical art, most recently Wax Tablets of the Mind: Cognitive Studies of Literacy and Memory in Classical Antiquity.


'... addresses a fundamental issue in the study of ancient art and deals head-on with the many inherent contradictions and ambiguities therein ... her methodology is always excellent and instructive and makes this book valuable reading for anyone studying ancient art in its mythological or literary context.' JACT '... a readable and provocative reflection on the subject, of interest to any art historian.' The Burlington Magazine
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