The Future of Women's Rights: Global Visions and Strategies

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September 2004



"The Future of Women's Rights" identifies the emergence of various trends threatening the advance of gender equality, women's human rights and sustainable human development. These phenomena include the impacts of globalization and neoliberal economics, developments in biotechnology, the neo-conservative backlash against women's rights, monopolistic ownership patterns over information technologies, the rise of identity politics marginalizing women's issues, and the increase in violent conflict and war. The contributors to this volume are united in seeing a pressing need for women's movements to evaluate their methods, with a view to making their future political work more effective. They identify current issues and trends in the world, thinking through how these may impact women and the work of women's movements.


1. Introduction: The Future of Women's Rights - Ellen Sprenger and Alison Symington; 2. From 'Opposing' to 'Proposing': Finding Proactive Global Strategies for Feminist Futures - Joanna Kerr; 3. Creating a New World with New Visions: African Feminism and Trends in the Global Women's Movement - Bisi Adeleye-Fayemi; 4. Rights of Passage: Women Shaping the 21st Century - Mahnaz Afkhami; 5 Challenging Power: Alternatives to the Current Global Order - An interview with Josefa (Gigi) Francisco; 6. An Action Framework for South Asia - Deepa Dhanraj, Geeta Misra, and Srilatha Batliwala; 7 Different Worlds Possible: Feminist Yearnings for Shared Futures - Sarah Bracke; 8. Diversity as our Strength: Transforming Power, Public Policy and Popular Culture - Ana Criquillion; 9. Confronting Globalization: Feminist Political Spirituality as a Strategy of Action - Alda Facio; 10. Globalization and Reinventing the Politics of A Women's Movement - Vanessa Griffen; 11. Caution! Women Moving: Strategies for Organizing Feminist Visions of the Future - Sisonke Msimang; 12 International and Post-Socialist Women's Rights Advocacy: Points of Convergence and Tension - Anastasia Posadskaya-Vanderbeck; 13 Gender Equality Advocates Speak: Feminist Issues and Strategies Into the Future - Rhonda Leeson


Joanna Kerr is executive director of the Association for Women's Rights in Development (AWID). She is the author of Ours By Right: Women's Rights as Human Rights (Zed Books, 1993). Ellen Sprenger is executive director of Mama Cash, a Netherlands-based women's fund. Alison Symington is senior researcher at AWID. The contributors are senior researchers, practitioners and activists, predominantly from the South.
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