Education and Society in Tudor England

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This book discusses educational developments during a crucial period of English history in their social context, revising a long-standing interpretation of the effect of Reformation legislation. Tracing trends from the fifteenth to the seventeenth century, it is in three parts. The first considers the pattern in the later maiddle ages and the conditions favouring the spread of humanist ideas which were to be adapted and applied at the Reformation. In Part II there is a detailed survey of measures takeen under Henry VIII and during the reign of Edward VI when state intervention to control the organisation and curriculum of schools and universities laid the foundations of the modern system of education. Finally, after a review of the relation between educational and social change, the focus is on three main aspects during the conservative Elizabethan age: consolidation of the school system, the pattern devised for the institution of the gentleman; the extension of the popular education fostered by the puritan ethic and the pressure of practical needs - forecasting the next major move for educational reform in the mid-seventeenth century.


Preface; Part I. The Fifteenth-Century Background and Humanist Innovations: 1. The fifteenth-century background; 2. Humanists, the new learning and educational change; 3. Erasmus and vives on education; 4. Education and the state; Part II. The Reformation in England, 1536-53: 5. The progress of the Hentician reformation; 6. Schools at the dissolution of the monasteries; 7. The re-orientation of university learning; 8. Policies under Edward VI; 9. The chantries act of 1547 and its outcome; 10. University reform 1549-53; 11. The legacy of the Edwardian reformation; Part III. The Place of Education in the Elizabethan Age: 12. Education and social change; 13. The Elizabethan settlement and the schools; 14. The institution of the gentleman; 15. The triumph of the vernacular; Check-list of sources; Bibliography; Index.


'An outstanding book ... a magisterial, organic study.' The Times Educational Supplement 'Mrs Simon is to be congratulated on this thoughtful, wise and wholly impressive work. It will long stand as the most useful and thorough investigation of an educational system and of educational ideals that were to transform the English society during the course of the sixteenth century.' W. K. Jordan, The Journal of Modern History 'Where dogmatic answers to the thorny and controversial questions of social and religious history are normally the rule, she has reviewed the evidence carefully and presents conclusions that are moderate, even tentative, and therefore the more convincing.' W. M. Southgate, American Historical Review
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