Medical Dictionary/Diccionario de Medicina/Dicionário de termos médicos

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Mai 2004



The proven concept of the first edition has been continued in the second edition

Including many new entries and completely revised

A trilingual dictionary with more than 4300 entries
Offering an indispensable vocabulary of basic medical terminology
For physicians, medical students and everybody connected with the medical profession
Contains important expressions and phrases, essential for professional success in foreign countries
Enabling communication with patients of different nationalities as well as medical report writing in foreign languages
Acknowledges the particularities within intricacies of Brazilian Portuguese


Medical Dictionary / Diccionario de Medicina / Dicionário de termos médicos.


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Untertitel: English-Spanish-Portuguese/Español-Inglés-Portugués/Português-Inglês-Espanhol. 'Springer-Wörterbuch'. 2nd, completely revidierte and expanded ed. 2004. Book. Sprachen: Englisch Spanisch Portugiesisch.
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