Families by Law: An Adoption Reader

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Februar 2004



Since the mid-19th century, American law has recognized adoption as a way to create parent-child relationships.


"A collection that will interest and assist psychologists who work with the wide range of children included in this book. I learned a good deal in my reading of these articles and find it easy to recommend the book to any psychologist whose clinical practice, research, or teaching includes consideration of parent-child relationships, adoption, foster care, child custody, and the significance of family for individual development and social cohesion... Wide-ranging and provocative in its approach to the issue addressed."--The American Psychological Association "The essays encompass the main controversies in the field, placing them in their historical and social contexts. The book will be very useful for courses focusing on this issue, and will serve researchers in welfare history, public policy, legal history, family history, and history of childhood."--CHOICE"A strong argument."--The law and Politics Book Review "Cahn and Hollinger have covered diverse topics - from foster care, to attachment, to racial and ethnic identity in transracial adoption, to legal issues in gay and lesbian adoptions."--Adoptive Families
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