The Native American in Long Fiction: An Annotated Bibliography

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April 1996



An annotated bibliography of all identifiable novel-length fictional works by and about Native Americans of the United States published between the 1890s and the 1990s. All literary genres have been included as well as young adult fiction. If an author or character is Native American, his or her tribal affiliation is identified.


Joan Beam and Barbara Branstad are both Social Sciences and Humanities librarians at the Colorado State University Library in Fort Collins, Colorado.


...a valuable edition to the burgeoning list of reference works on Native Americans...will get a lot of use in high-school, public, and academic libraries with a concentration and interest in Native Americans...may set a standard for bibliographies in this area. Booklist ...a useful-and welcome-bibliography of native American novels published in the last one hundred years...a useful reference for librarians and for anyone interested in native American fiction. Classroom instructors will find it a helpful guide to native American novels that might be appropriate for school use. VOYA People who appreciate "browseable" reference books can rejoice at this publication...a bibliographer's delight. Books of the Southwest ...a helpful tool for academic, school, and public excellent choice for most collections. American Reference Books Annual Another [purpose] is to clarify some of the misconceptions about Native Americans by providing novels that will entertain as well as provide information on Native American history, culture, and contemporary life... this volume is recommended because it helps find elusive information. Recommended for public libraries and colleges and universities supporting Native American studies. CHOICE
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