Pro Scalable .Net 2.0 Application Design

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November 2005



* Explains how to plan and implement scalable application designs using .NET 2.0 and both traditional and Service Oriented (SOA) models.
* Gives detailed overview advice across the whole breadth of the project from platform to application to database in order to provide a comprehensive treatment rather than just focus on one particular issue.
* Uses the very latest version of Web Services Enhancements (WSE 3.0) when most competing titles still use the previous version (WSE 2.0 or WSE 1.0) and includes detailed consideration of the new Windows Server System and advises how to select the correct setup for your project.5


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Joachim Rossberg has worked in the IT Business since 1998. He is a system developer/designer, but he also functions as a team leader/project manager on some projects. He has achieved an MCSD, MCDBA, MCSA, and MCSE while at Cap Gemini Ernst & Young. His primary areas are operating systems, SQL Server, Visual Basic, and Visual Studio Rickard Redler has worked in the IT Business since 1997 in many different areas, but his current professional focus is as a system developer/designer and technical project manager. He achieved an MCSD during his time at Cap Gemini Ernst & Young, and now he is working mainly with Microsoft products such as SQL Server, IIS, and the new .NET platform with C# and Visual Basic .NET.
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