Keeping a Horse the Natural Way: A Natural Approach to Horse Management for Optimum Health and Performance

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Juni 2002



A beautifully illustrated practical guide to help you "tune in" to the individual needs of your horse or pony
  • Your relationship with your horse
  • Inter-equine relationships
  • Stabling from your horse's point of view
  • Field and grazing requirements
  • Tack, bits, and gadgets
  • Nutrition the natural way
  • Healing and natural remedies
If you're a current or prospective horse owner, you will want to read this informative, handsomely illustrated book and keep it handy for frequent reference. It presents detailed advice on how to work in harmony with your animal's natural instincts to make it a finer, healthier, happier specimen. The author explains how horses interact in their wild state to form herds and hierarchies, and how they communicate with one another. Understanding these traits will help you develop an affectionate relationship with your horse and overcome any incompatibility problems that might arise. The author also discusses ways to improve the stable for the mutual benefit of horse and owner, and she specifies field requirements from the horse's point of view. As every horse ages, its general needs and dietary requirements change, and it is vital that you recognize and deal with these changes to ensure your horse's long-term health. Additional information includes ways to determine the best saddle, bridle, and other equipment for the individual horse, how to recognize signs of illness, how and when to employ first-aid treatment for injuries, and which are the most effective natural remedies for a horse's various ailments. The book features more than 350 brilliant full-color photos.

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