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August 1995



The internationally known Japanese architectural historian Jinnai Hidenobu set out on foot to rediscover the city of Tokyo. Armed with old maps, he wandered through back alleys and lanes, trying to experience the city's space as it had been lived by earlier residents. He found that, despite an almost completely new cityscape, present-day inhabitants divide up Tokyo in much the same way that their ancestors did two hundred or even three hundred years before. In Tokyo Jinnai presents a detailed picture of how people lived in the seventeenth-century metropolis of Edo (renamed Tokyo during the Meiji Restoration in 1868). He leads his readers through the streets of the city, tracing the physical, architectural changes that took place over subsequent centuries as the people of Tokyo adapted to new technologies while attempting to preserve what they valued of their old living patterns.


Foreword, by Richard Bender Preface Introduction 1. The High City: Surface and Depths 2. The Cosmology of a City of Water 3. The Rhetoric of the Modern City 4. Modernism and Its Urban Forms Afterword Notes Index


Jinnai Hidenobu is Associate Professor in the School of Architecture at Hosei University in Tokyo.


"It was a particular pleasure to discover "Tokyo: A Spatial Anthropology, for Jinnai's book is precisely a guide to Tokyo-literacy. By this, I do not mean that it is a conventional guidebook. . . . Rather, it is a book about the historical and social logic of Tokyo: a compelling exploration of the reasons why the city acquired is present shape. . . . "Tokyo: A Spatial Anthropology is very obviously a labor of love; its style overflows with enthusiasm at the wonders to the city. . . . An original, readable, and fascinating book."--Tessa Morris-Suzuki, "Journal of Asian Studies
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