Hegel's Philosophy of Language

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Explores the development of Hegel's linguistics across the full range of his key writings.>


Introduction; 1. The Framework of the Linguistic System; 2. The Acquisition of Lexical Content; 3. The Deduction of Logical Grammar; 4. The Practice of Linguistic Expression Works Cited.


Jim Vernon is Assistant Professor of Philosophy at York University, Canada. He has published a number of articles in leading Philosophy journals and has contributed a chapter to Hegel and Language, ed. Surber, forthcoming from SUNY Press (2006).


'[Vernon] seeks, in an admirably direct and focused way, to provide a cogent account of language that at once bases itself on some of Hegel's more important passages on this topic, attempts to remain true to Hegel's overall philosophical project, and supplies some of the important connective tissue that Hegel himself either omitted or merely glossed ... Vernon's work is an important one in numerous ways, not the least of which is presenting a clear marker, up to this point lacking, against which subsequent discussions of Hegel's linguistic views can be assessed ... any future consideration of the theme of language in Hegel must take Jim Vernon's work as an indispensable reference point.'--Sanford Lakoff "Notre Dame Philosophical Reviews "
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