Leading Diverse Schools

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März 2003



This book explores the challenges that school administrators face in ethnically diverse contexts. Based on an empirical study, it shows how principals do or do not promote inclusive practices in their schools. The various chapters cover principal perceptions of, and responses to, racism and antiracism, school community relationships, and difference. Also addressed are administrators' efforts to learn about diversity and to educate others in their school communities about it. This volume is the first of its kind to specifically target school administrators and ethnic diversity. While collections of essays and individual articles have explored general and specific aspects of diversity, no book to date has targeted leadership and ethnical diversity specifically, is supported by empirical data, or follows a consistent theme throughout. This book will be of interest to school administrators, prospective administrators, teachers, graduate students, academics and all others who are concerned about education, leadership, diversity and inclusion.


Diversity, Educational Leadership and Inclusion.- Educational Approaches to Diversity and Inclusion.- Leadership and Inclusion: A Review.- Administrator Perceptions of "Race" and Racism.- Antiracism: Strategies for Combating Racism.- Promoting Inclusive School-Community Relationships.- Administrator Perceptions of and Responses to Difference.- Dealing with Dilemmas of Difference: Two Cases.- Educative Leadership in Diverse Contexts.- The Barriers to Inclusion.- Leadership and Inclusion.
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