SQL: 1999 - Understanding Relational Language Components

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Major changes to the SQL standard have led to this the second edition of a highly successful book. Understanding the New SQL has been completely revised and divided into two volumes to give readers the most in-depth, most authoritative coverage of the new SQL to be found anywhere. This is an essential resource devoted to the standard SQL-99 implementation -- the starting point for everyone who will be developing a SQL-99 DBMS or using one to build specific applications.The entire spectrum of SQL users will want Volume I, which begins with an insightful introduction to SQL-99's basic and advanced features, then goes on to detail the implementation of these features in real-world applications. Volume II will interest those working with advanced topics such as object-oriented SQL, OLAP, and SQL/MM. Both volumes offer practical, unparalleled coverage that readers simply cannot do without.


Preface Chapter 1 - Database and Technology Foundations Chapter 2 - Introduction to SQL:1999 Chapter 3 - Basic Table Creation and Data Manipulation Chapter 4 - Basic Data Definition Language Chapter 5 - Values, Basic Functions and Expressions Chapter 6 - Advanced Value Expressions Chapter 7 - Predicates Chapter 8 - Working with Multiple Tables Chapter 9 - Advanced SQL Query Expressions Chapter 10 - Constraints, Assertions, and Referential Integrity Chapter 11 - Active Databases Chapter 12 - Accessing SQL From the Real World Chapter 13 - Cursors Chapter 14 - Privileges, Users, and Security Chapter 15 - Transaction Management Chapter 16 - Connections and Remote Database Access Chapter 17 - Routines and Routine Invocations Chapter 18 - Dynamic SQL: 1999 Chapter 19 - Call-Level Interface Chapter 20 - Diagnostics and Error Management Chapter 21 - Internationalization Aspects of SQL: 1999 Chapter 22 - Information Schema Chapter 23 - A Look to the Future Appendix A - Designing SQL:1999 Databases Appendix B - An SQL:1999 Application Example Appendix C - The SQL:1999 Annexes Appendix D - Relevant Standards Bodies Appendix E - Status Codes Appendix F - The SQL Standardization Process


Jim Melton is editor of all parts of ISO/IEC 9075 (SQL) and is a representative for database standards at Oracle Corporation. Since 1986, he has been his company's representative to ANSI INCITS Technical Committee H2 for Database and a US representative to ISO/IEC JTC1/SC32/WG3 (Database Languages). In addition, Jim has participated in the W3C's XML Query Working Group since 1998 and is currently co-Chair of that Working Group. He is also Chair of the WG's Full-Text Task Force, co-Chair of the Update Language Task Force, and co-editor of two XQuery-related specifications. He is the author of several SQL books. Alan Simon is a leading authority on data warehousing and database technology. He is the author of 26 books, including the previous edition of this book and the forthcoming Data Warehousing and Business Intelligence for e-Commerce, available from Morgan Kaufmann Publishers in early 2001. He currently provides data warehousing-related consulting services to clients.
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